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Intellectual property should actively help you execute your vision. With Palq IP, your ideas will have the strategy, advice and capital they need to impact your business.

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IP Development Analysis

We don’t just protect your IP. We look for opportunities to drive your business forward using your IP.

IP-Enabled Business Strategies

If we identify actionable IP strategies that will have a real-world impact, we’ll make a plan together that is designed to get you there.

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From funding to business consulting, we’re a partner with the resources you need to reach your goals.

How can Palq IP help me?

Whether you’re an established business or just getting started, we’re focused on the next step, too. Find out more about how we can plan and execute your vision.

Partnerships for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Your IP should give you a competitive edge. We can help make that happen.

Partnerships for Entrepreneurs & Creators

An IP-centric approach can make the difference between ramping-up or fizzling out.

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