Do more than protect your IP.

Use it to grow.

We help you get more out of the ideas and creations you use to serve customers every day. For most business owners, IP is the only asset they own, but their approach to IP begins and ends with basic protections (like copyright or trademarks). Frankly, that’s because there are some very real barriers to creating a dynamic, productive IP portfolio like upfront costs, legal know-how or navigating how an IP strategy can actually create value.

That is why we’re both IP and business strategists who can help you invest in your business and ideas. When you partner with Palq IP, we focus on your business goals and we combine our experience, resources and grit to execute your vision for growth. We are willing to buy-in to your business and work with you to remove the barriers to success.


Palq IP gives your ideas the strategy, advice and capital they need to impact your business.


Our vision is to help you build a thriving business through the power of your ideas, creativity and innovations.


We are an advocate for you and your ideas.

We are savvy, growth-oriented business advisor.

We are a resource that enables your goals.

Our Leadership Team

Andrew Oltmans, Esq.


(717) 556-1049   |    |   Connect on LinkedIn

A patent attorney, IP strategist, and former patent examiner, Andrew guides IP strategy.

Brett Tennis, CPA

Director, Strategic Development

(717) 556-1082   |    |   Connect on LinkedIn

Brett guides businesses toward growth through financial, marketing and business development strategies.

Tell us about your IP challenges, we’d love to help.