Palq IP, a new consulting firm to help businesses leverage IP for growth, partners with Saxton & Stump

Jan 24, 2022 | News

LANCASTER, Pa., January 24, 2022 — Newly-created consulting firm, Palq IP has announced its launch to bring both intellectual property (IP) strategy and business consulting to small and mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, inventors and creators. Palq IP is a Saxton & Stump affiliate company and is led by patent attorney and Managing Director Andrew Oltmans. The firm will make IP protection, development and monetization more accessible for clients through a range of equity, fee, licensing or royalty arrangements. They will also provide strategic business consulting services focused on strategic direction and growth, led by Director of Strategic Development Brett Tennis, CPA.

“We’re excited to open the door to a whole range of business-transforming IP strategies for firms that often lack the resources to develop and monetize their IP assets,” Oltmans said. “But more than that, Palq IP will be a true partner, serving as the gateway to a whole range of consulting services available from our team, Saxton & Stump and our strategic partners.”

The name is unusual by design, created to match the unique business model. The firm enlisted a brand strategy group, Writ, to develop name that would match. After brainstorming a number of ideas, the team landed on a word that is not associated with any other brand or company in the world.  

Making IP strategy accessible to unlock business growth

For many small and medium-sized businesses, developing and monetizing IP can require significant upfront investment, such as the costs of pursuing a patent, negotiating licensing or royalty agreements, or even the fees related to protecting trade secrets or copyrights. Palq IP works closely with the businesses to identify valuable opportunities and implement IP strategies that turn these opportunities into growth. They do this by leveraging a team of both IP strategists and experienced business consultants who partner with business through tailored fee agreements that can include equity, licensing or royalties.

“Palq IP is just one example of our attorneys listening to clients and developing an innovative, impactful way to serve them and their business,” Saxton & Stump CEO James Saxton said. “We’re excited to offer these services through a unique model tailored to help businesses access critical IP and consulting services to reach their goals.”  

Oltmans is an intellectual property attorney and former patent examiner who has experience handling sophisticated and complex IP portfolios for companies both large and small. He is the chair of Saxton & Stump’s Intellectual Property Law group, where he counsels clients in all aspects of intellectual property. These clients include entrepreneurs, startups, established companies and multinational companies, where he guides them in how to best protect the intellectual property assets vital to meeting their business objectives. He is particularly passionate about IP strategy and how to implement these strategies to grow his client’s business. He earned his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.

Tennis has spent his career collaborating with businesses. Tennis joined Saxton & Stump as the Vice President of Strategic Alliances, where he provides strategic leadership to the firm’s partners like Granite HR Consulting, Granite GRC Consulting and brand strategy group, Writ, as well as others. As a former principal with Walz Group where he served as president for 12 years, an established accounting firm, he has decades of experience providing business and financial services to the live entertainment, construction, manufacturing, professional services and non-profit industries. Brett’s knowledge, skill and experience provides a foundation for support to start up and existing companies including internal structure, governance, policies, procedures and processes, efficient third party engagement and oversight. He can be your go to strategic partner by challenging the current status and offering alternative solutions and connecting an entity to right sized third party providers of services.

Saxton & Stump’s strategic partners and growth outlook

Having added 53 professionals in 2021, including 22 attorneys, Saxton & Stump has grown to a team of 140 professionals, including 75 attorneys. The firm has added new services and established groups dedicated to white collar defense and environmental, workplace safety and utilities. In addition to bolstering their infrastructure, they have also grown key existing practice areas such as healthcare, senior care, real estate, government affairs and trusts and estates. They have also expanded consulting services offered through strategic partner companies including Granite HR Consulting, Granite GRC Consulting and brand strategy group, Writ.

Saxton & Stump provides solutions for complex legal issues and partners with clients to create a roadmap for their success. The firm is committed to empowering clients by delivering five-star service and results-focused advice.