Driving business growth with IP sounds great.

But how does that work?
All businesses run on creations, knowledge and ideas that are valuable to customers. In other words, all businesses run on intellectual property (IP). But navigating the complexities of protecting or monetizing IP requires an investment of time and money upfront for an uncertain return.

Palq IP partners with businesses who we believe are ready to make that investment to create or develop an IP portfolio. We’re more than IP strategists; we also give businesses the resources they need to get to the next step and set a trajectory for success.

What to expect from a Palq IP partnership

You bring the vision, ideas, innovations and solutions. We’ll bring the strategy, business knowledge and resources.


in You

We’re here to invest in your business through your IP so that you can access a range of critical business services. We’re always ready to have a candid conversation about the wide range of equity, fee, licensing or royalty arrangements that are possible. We’re not venture capitalists looking to grow and sell your business (unless that’s your goal, too) and we’re not business incubators with set equity requirements. If we think your business is a fit, we’ll develop a plan that works for everyone.

Want to make sure we are a good fit?

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